About Us

In March of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic shut down business and schools across Massachusetts. Schools had very little time to create and train their teachers in a new online learning programs, leaving gaps in education for students and parents. We remember our time in elementary school fondly and know how it important it is to encourage intellectual curiosity in young students.


We created Teletutor in late March of 2020 to address these gaps. We wanted to supplement the online education and allow students to continue to explore their favorite subjects in a small class setting. We have taken our favorite units from elementary school and turned them into 40 minute lessons we offer on Zoom. 


What began as a small project that offered just 4 classes a week has grown into a full educational program. We now offer roughly 20 classes a week and have recruited other highly-motivated high school students in the greater Boston area to teach with us. We're excited to see where Teletutor will go next, and we hope you (and your young students) join us on our journey!

              - Emi Lundberg and Talia Raffel, Co-Founders

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