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Teletutor understands that not all success lies in academics. After a long day of online school, sometimes it can be best to put away the textbooks and pick up a sketchbook or a ukulele. We are committed to providing these creative outlets for students to explore. Check out our most popular art classes below!

Comic Book Making 

(Grades 3-5)



You can be a comic book artist! In this Series Class, students will learn the basics of storytelling as well as how to storyboard, draft and complete their very own comic book. Students will explore a variety of different graphic novelists and comic artists and work on developing their own style. Earlier classes in the series will consist of analyzing comics and brainstorming, while later classes will be dedicated to students creating their own comic books. 

Weird Instruments (Grades 4/5)

Who invented the piano? How about the flute? How did we get the instruments we have today? Each class in this series focuses on a different instrument (such as the violin, oboe, or guitar) and takes a deep dive into the instrument's origins. We look at the "parents" of the instrument and listen to recordings of similar "cousin" instruments that were never popularized. After reviewing the history of the instrument, students debate amongst themselves about why the instrument was popularized over other members in its instrument family. If time permits, we’ll construct our own mock version of the instrument out of household objects and play some tunes!

Mandalas (Grades 1/2)



Mandalas are a form of art with origins in Buddhism and Hinduism.  They are a geometric form of art that has been around for thousands of years. Mandalas have served many uses in the past, including as points of concentration for meditation. Students will explore the history of Mandalas and then create their own versions with a protractor and a compass.

Drawing 101 (Grades 4/5)

Want to learn to draw what you see? In this Series Class, students will learn how to transfer what they see in front of them onto paper. Students will explore a new fundamental drawing technique and subject every week. Classes will begin with basic shapes and eventually move on to drawing faces. Throughout the series, students will work to explore their own style and develop their confidence in drawing. Students are also given optional drawing exercises to practice between classes.

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