Holding Books


We currently offer three types of classes: 

  • Capsule Classes

Capsule Classes, our most popular offering, are one-off classes with a schedule that changes week to week. Topics can range from how to make ice cream in a bag, the American Revolution, and the solar system. Every Saturday at 9 PM, the schedule for the upcoming week is posted. Students are welcome to register for as many or as few Capsule Classes as they would like. 

  • Series Courses

Series Courses are expanded Capsule Classes. All Series Courses run for 8 weeks and are taught by the same teacher during the same time slot each week. The topic is continuous throughout all 8 classes and students are welcome to sign-up for all 8 classes at once or for individual classes (as a Capsule Class). 

  • Personalized Tutoring​​

Personalized Tutoring allows parents and students to work alongside tutors to create a personalized curriculum for a private class, whether it's homework help or about an entirely new subject. Personalized Tutoring sessions last 4 weeks and classes can occur once, twice, or three times a week upon request.

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