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Teletutor is passionate about strengthening a love of English in all of our students. We push our students to think and look beyond the text in order for them to become strong readers and writers. Check out our most popular English classes below!


Limericks (Grades 4/5)



Come learn about this humorous form of poetry- limericks! Students read a number of limericks for themselves and work together to identify key components of the poems. Once the pattern and structure has been established, we collaborate together to write group limericks and take time to write individually as well. Students are welcome to share their individual limericks with the class at the end!

Compound Words (Grades 1/2)



What do the words sweatshirt, goldfish, and playground have in common? They're all compound words! Understanding what compound words are and how to use them can be key in a child's journey to learn how to read. In this class, young students will do just that, learning the difference between simple, complex, and compound words. Class begins by introducing the three word types and playing games to distinguish them apart. We then focus on compound words specifically. Students work as"word sleuths" to break up compound words into separate components and identify their meaning. Finally, class ends with a few rounds of compound word Pictionary to reinforce student knowledge. 

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