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Teletutor is invested in making sure students understand and learn from our history. We encourage students to examine all sides of any historical event: winners and losers alike. Check out our most popular history classes below!

Vikings (Grades 1-3)



Who were the Vikings? In this class, young students have the opportunity to learn about a society that existed long before they were born. By watching videos and examining Viking ships and other artifacts, students will gain a solid understanding of who the Vikings were, where they came from, and the lives that they led.

History Journals: Ancient Civilizations (Grades 4/5)



Have you ever wondered what life was like thousands of years ago? In History Journals: Ancient Civilizations you can find out. In each class we travel back in time to a different ancient civilization, such as Ancient Greece or Ancient Egypt. Through a mixture of videos, artifacts, and games, students will learn about major events that happened as well as what everyday life was like for the people. Every class ends with journaling, where students have the opportunity to write a journal entry from the perspective of someone living during the time period. 

Renaissance Art (Grades 4/5)



Our Renaissance Art series class comes to students at the intersection of art and history. In each class, students study a famous artist who lived during the Renaissance. They’ll learn about what life was like for different economic classes during the time period and the technology (or lack thereof) that helped them live their lives. Students will also learn about an art style specific to the artist of the week and complete an art project that mimics the style-- such as artwork drawn upside down to simulate the conditions that Michelangelo endured when he painted the Sistine Chapel.

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