It is no secret that we are living in an interconnected world. Our tutors are excited to share their love for language and develop young global citizens. Check out our most popular language classes below!

American Sign Language

(Grades 2-5)




American Sign Language is an incredibly versatile language, with approximately 500,000 users in the United States and Canada alone. Our ASL classes are structured to allow students to move through our interactive classes at their own pace. In Beginner Sign Language, students will learn how to sign the alphabet, their names, numbers, and a few basic words in American Sign Language. Once students have mastered the content, they'll be moved up to Intermediate Sign Language, where students will continue to practice old signs while also learning new vocabulary and building sentences. Students also practice having short conversations in ASL. Finally, in Advanced Sign Language, students reach a level of competency where they can hold longer conversations and use complex sentences. In all levels, we will also discuss the importance of sign language and how it helps so many people in communities across the globe. 

World Languages (All Grades)



Want to learn French? Maybe Spanish? How about Chinese? Teletutor is thrilled to offer a variety of world languages! In these series classes, students will learn the basics of each language and move their way up in class level. Classes are low pressure  and, rather than focusing on memorization, the courses emphasize building skill through fun games and conversation.

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