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Teletutor takes an interactive approach to mathematics. We understand that math doesn't come easily to everybody, and we aim to instill confidence in all our students. Check out our most popular math classes below!

Homework Help (All Grades)



Math doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Let us help your struggling student in our Homework Help class. Our teachers are patient and well-versed in all areas of elementary school math, from counting by 10s to long division. 

Tessellations (Grades 4/5)



In this class, students learn about tessellations, or the art of covering a flat plane entirely with one or more shapes. Students begin the class by learning about the ancient history of tessellations and then briefly review their geometry knowledge. After becoming familiarized with tessellations, students decide for themselves whether tessellations are a form of art, math, or both! We also look at famous artist M. C. Escher’s tessellations and end the class by creating our own!

Counting Coins (Grades 1/2)



Do you know how to distinguish between nickels and dimes? How much is a quarter worth? In this class, we’ll learn about 4 different types of common American currency: the penny, nickle, dime, and quarter. Class begins by identifying the values of different types of coins and learning to tell them apart. We build upon this idea by introducing combinations of coins and encouraging students to use their addition and subtraction skills. Once students have the hang of it, we will practice buying and selling different virtual items. By the end of this class, you’ll be a coin expert! 

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