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Teletutor works to inspire a sense of discovery in all students. We want our students to ask questions and drive our science classes - questions like “What is actually going on in this experiment?” and “Why doesn’t this animal have fur”? We encourage students to question how the world works. Check out our most popular science classes below!



Understanding genetics isn’t just for adults! In this popular class series, students learn about the science of heredity. In Introduction to Genetics, students are introduced to basic genetic concepts and do a group experiment examining their own physical traits. They also learn how to calculate genetic odds using Punnett Squares. In Genetics: Mechanics, students take a deeper look at the molecular biology involved in inheritance. We learn about the specific molecules involved in transcription and translation and play a game that involves “coding” your own person. Lastly, in Genetics: Cats and Dogs, students learn about where scientists draw the line between different species by looking more closely at the science behind chromosomes. 

Genetics (Grades 4/5)

Animals of the World (Grades 2/3)



How do chameleons change their color? Why does the three toed sloth moves so slowly? In our recurring Animals of the World class, students answer these questions themselves! Each week, we cover a different animal. Students learn about diet, habitat, adaptations, and more! Throughout the class, students fill out their own informational pamphlets so they can remember what they learned in class! 

Aquarium and Zoo Tours

(Grades 2/3)



Take a fun trip with us without leaving your house! In Aquarium Tour, students learn about echolocation and bioluminescence and then take a virtual tour of the Baltimore Aquarium. In Zoo Tour, students learn about pandas, giraffes, and koalas before visiting them on a virtual tour of the San Diego Zoo. 

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